Shatavari for Peri-Menopause

Shatavari is an Ayurvedic herb that has been used for centuries in India for its numerous health benefits. It is also known as Asparagus racemosus, and is a member of the asparagus family. The herb is native to the Indian subcontinent and is found in the Himalayan region. Shatavari is a climbing plant that can grow up to 10 feet in height. The plant has small white flowers and berries that are black in colour. The root of the plant is the part that is used for its medicinal purposes.

Shatavari is especially beneficial during peri-menopause, when a woman’s hormones are in flux and she may be experiencing hot flashes, mood swings, and other menopausal symptoms.

Shatavari is a rich source of phytoestrogens, which can help balance hormone levels and reduce menopausal symptoms. It is also an adaptogen, meaning it helps the body cope with stress. This is important during peri-menopause, when women are often dealing with increased stress levels due to work, family, and other responsibilities. In addition to balancing hormones and reducing stress, shatavari has other benefits for peri-menopausal women. It can help increase libido, reduce anxiety, and improve sleep. It can also help to reduce the risk of osteoporosis, and other health problems that are more common in menopausal women.

The herb is available in a number of different forms, including powder, capsules, and tinctures. It can also be added to food or beverages, or taken as a tea. When taking shatavari, it is important to start with a lower dose and increase gradually as needed.

If you are peri-menopausal and looking for a natural way to ease your symptoms, shatavari may be worth trying. Talk to your doctor or a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner to see if it is right for you.

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