Male Pattern Baldness

Male Pattern Baldness is a receding hairline in men, that follows a pattern of thinning and falling hair on the crown and temples. There are a few reasons for this type of hair loss, but the main ones are genetics (androgenetica alopecia) and an immune system disorder (alopecia areata). Ageing can also play a part, as the body loses its ability to replace the hairs that are lost through shedding, as well as the male hormone – testosterone.

Natural Treatment Options for Male Pattern Baldness

Here are few options to help with hair regrowth and restoration:

Diet for Hair loss

  • Eat a diet that is rich in fresh, organic fruits and leafy green vegetables
  • Add a good source of protein, which will help to build good quality hair
  • Include good fats, such as seeds, nuts, avocados, coconut oil and olive oil
  • Use spices that improve circulation, such as ginger, chilli, cayenne pepper and garlic – as good circulation to the hair follicle is vital for hair growth
  • A good quality daily probiotic will support general health, and may help with any auto-immune related hair loss

AVOID : Simple and Refined Carbs – such as sugary foods, white-flour products, white rice, bread, biscuits, cakes and other refined carbohydrates. These set up a state of inflammation in the body, causing increases in pro-inflammatory compounds.
AVOID : Fried food, fizzy drinks, dairy, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco and other stimulants – may also cause an inflammatory response in the body.

Hair loss Herbs and Supplements

Pumpkin Seed Oil – This study confirms that pumpkin seed oil helps to increase hair growth in balding men. The dosage used was 400 mg of pumpkin seed oil per day (in capsules). Two capsules were taken two times a day.
Saw Palmetto – This herb may prevent further hair loss in male pattern baldness, by inhibiting the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) by the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme (- which is what causes the loss of hair).
Ginkgo Biloba – The terpenoids  contained in Ginkgo seem to enhance blood flow by dilating blood vessels, which support circulation in the scalp (and hair growth in the hair shaft).
Other herbs that may be useful are: Korean Ginseng, Nettles and Green Tea. Nettle can be also used as a hair tonic – brew some nettle tea, let it cool and use after shampooing as a final rinse.
Zinc – Zinc may aid hair loss too (it also helps with testosterone and DHT). It is also an important mineral for immunity, skin and nails.
Silica – Silica will help with hair that is brittle and thinning. It enhances hair growth, as well as contributing to collagen production. Very good for skin and nails too. To get natural silica, drink horsetail tea or eat alfalfa sprouts. Diatomaceous Earth is also rich in silica.
Other supplements that may help are: Biotin, Iron, Iodine, folic acid, manganese, beta-carotene and vitamin B5.

Other Ideas for Male Pattern Baldness

  • Regularly massaging the scalp may improve the circulation in this area – bringing oxygen and nutrients to enhance hair growth, as this study shows.


  • Essential oils is that may effective for hair growth are: thyme, rosemary and lavender. Dilute (with a carrier oil or water) and rub into the scalp at night 2 or 3 times a week. Leave, or wash out in the morning.


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